About Us

Fireproof.com.ng is an online platform for the sale, servicing, installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment and materials. We provide top-notch sales service on all types of fire extinguishers, fire detectors and other fire fighting tools.

Fireproof.com.ng products represent notable brands in the fire and safety industry which are guaranteed to deliver on the safety of lives and properties/assets. In line with international best practices all of our products are certified by the International Standards Organization with warranties on all purchases made on our platform.

Technically, fireproof.com.ng can boast of the best team of competent engineers which speaks volume for the excellent after sale services we continue to render to our customers in the areas of :

-Servicing and refill of extinguishers


– Testing



Let us help you setup a workable and efficient fireproof structure in your office, home, factory, garage, depot, stores, warehouse, shops, markets, platforms, churches, mosques and around your life, family and friends too. In order to prevent, fight and eliminate fire completely.


To become a major force in the reduction and subsequent elimination of threats, hazards, and unwanted destruction of lives and property through fire.


By engaging the instruments of training and orientation across board coupled with an efficient network of sales of quality premium fire prevention and fighting equipment, gadgets and tools.