Lay-flat Fire Hose

Duralex Lay-flat Fire-Fighting Hose ,

1. It is a BS-6391 type-3 standard hose.
2. All-in-one construction from synthetic rubber with textile re-inforcement locked in optical material i.e. PVC.
3. Resistant to ozone, ultra-violet, weather, heat, and de-lamanitian.
4. Hard wearing resistance to abrasion, oil and chemicals.
5. Maintenance free: Do not need drying.
6. Highly flexible and light weight.
7. Internal lining-High quality synthetic rubber(Optical material:PVC).
8.External Cover-High quality rubber with longitudinal ribs.

-Petroleum refineries
-Oil & Gas Exploration Facilities
-Power Plants
-Commercial Complexes
-Residential Complexes
-Fire Brigade(Private/Public)


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NAFFCO Lay-Flat Fire Fighting Hose

86,000.00 79,500.00

NAFFCO Lay-Flat Fire Fighting Hose ,

• Hose: Type 3.
• Color: Red.
• Coupling: Instantaneous hose quick coupling
•Standard Length: 30 Meters, other lengths available
upon request.
•Diameter: 2.5Inches

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86,000.00 79,500.00

  • Availability: in stock