Angus 5Kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher , , ,

Extinguisher Code: CA5HH
Extinguishant: Carbon Dioxide CO2
Propellant Type: Stored Pressure
Capacity: 5kg
Paint Primer/Finish Polyester Powder Paint
Paint Colour Signal Red (RAL 3000)
Colour Coding to BS7863 Black (RAL 9005)
Fire Class: B + Electrical
Fire Rating: 70B
Operating Temperature: -20 to +60°C
Test Pressure 250 Bar
Operating Pressure at 20°C 50 Bar
Discharge Duration: 13 sec
Discharge Range: 3m
Cylinder Aluminium: Alloy
Operating Valve: Brass
Discharge Nozzle Hose & Horn
Height 660mm, Diameter 152mm, Full Weight 11.6kg, Empty Weight (excluding cartridge) 6.6 kg Nominal Carton Size 207 x 185 x 754mm
Approval BS EN 3/BAFE

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